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About Us

I am a mother of two children who has been helping them to fight against their eczema since they were born. My children were suffering from cradle cap and horrible eczema since two months old, I tried almost all natural or dermatologists recommended body wash and body cream in the market, yet they were allergic to all of them. All so called "natural body lotion, face cream or shower gel" that we can purchase in chain stores, groceries are full of chemical, harmful ingredients that triggered flares up on their skin, causing redness, itchiness, blisters, hives, rashes and eczema. As both of them had eczema prone skin, they got extremely sensitive to different ingredients. So I started making my own cream and shower gel for them to use. I use all natural, organic, edible or food grade ingredients. My products are all simple, no hidden ingredients, I source around the world for the best quality, I infuse plants, make saponified castile soap, make cream, pack and ship all by myself. The products that I make can help on relieving eczema symptoms mainly itchiness, redness and provide extensive moisturizing to their skin. These are also good for acne blemish prone skin.


I also started reading the Compendium of Materia Medica leisurely and taking botanical course to gain my knowledge on botanical, herbs and plants. I would love to share my homemade products to people with eczema, very sensitive skin or blemish acne prone skin, so I started up the ITCHY BEAR.